Welcome to the Ethos Shotokan  Karate Club website. Here you can find out about our very friendly club, when and where we meet to train, a little about our instructors or Sensei and our affiliation to the Japan Karate Association. We welcome any enquiry but some of the most common questions asked, are answered below. The club operates on non-profits model and instructors receive no payment. The fees are set to keep the club running and pay Senior Sensei for their visits to help everyone, as no extra is charged for these monthly lessons.


Who attends Ethos?


We have a very wide range of ages and abilities within the club - from 6 to 60, quite literally. It is certainly family friendly, indeed the many of our members train alongside their children which is great fun and great fitness for the parent and child alike. Some of our members started their karate with us, others have joined from other clubs.  If you are joining from another club not affiliated to the JKA, your current belt will be recognised. Our training programme allows novices and blackbelts to train effectively at the same time within a strutcured, safe and respectful training environment.


Do I have to be fit already?


No. Because of the way we train, you control your effort levels within the lesson and you progress through the various belts at your own pace. In time, as you get fitter and more proficient, you will naturally find yourself wanting to speed up and push yourself a bit harder. Not only will your fitness and flexibility improve but you will be learning a very effective form of self-defence.


Do I need any special clothes?


To start you can wear normal sports kit  however you will want to buy a white karate suit or 'Karate Gi' after a while.


Where and when do you meet to train?

We train at two locations both offering air conditioned studios.


Cheam Leisure Centre, 336 Malden Road, Cheam SM3 8EP

Saturday 11:30am to 1:00pm For Adults and Children from the age of six - Families Welcome


Sandown Sports Club, More Lane, Esher KT10 8AN

Thursday 8.15pm to 9.45pm. For  Adults – from beginners through to Dan Grades for Adults


If you want to attend for your free trail session, please call Sensei Kieran on 07862 220995.  


How much does it cost?

Your first lesson is free so that you can see if the club and Karate is for you. After that, the annual cost of club membership (£50 adult and £25 children) and lessons are £8.50 for adults and £6.50 for children. You will also need annual membership of the JKA for insurance purposes.  Since Ethos Shotokan Karate club is smaller than many Karate clubs, the level of personal attention and instruction you will receive from the Sensei is very high. With such a personalised approach to your training needs, you will acquire your new skills more quickly - making membership of Ethos, in particular, excellent value for money. non member fees are £10 for adult and £8 for children.


What is Karate?

Karate is a martial art and system of self-defence that originated hundreds of years ago in Okinawa but was generally influenced by even older martial arts from China. “Karate do” means “way of the empty hand” referring to the way its practitioners use only hands, feet and their body to defend and attack - rather than using weapons. Karate is founded on a grand philosophical and spiritual tradition based on Bushido and Zen Buddhist principles. Through hard training and practice, karate develops the body, the mind, self-confidence and respect for others.


Who is Ethos affiliated to?

We are affiliated to the Japan Karate Association, the world’s largest and most prestigious Karate organisation.  Our instructors and students are medal winner in regional and national competition.  


Who runs and teaches at Ethos? 

Ethos is run by individuals who love the purity of the art. Our instructors work in a variety of professions outside the club but are qualified JKA England instructors and  DBS certified. We have full Public  Liability Insurance as well as Professional Indemnity.


Sensei Kieran O'Brien - 2nd Dan JKA.

Sensei Kieran started training in Shotokan Karate in 1992, and since then has learnt Karate from some of its greatest masters. He currently trains with Sensei Ohta, Head of the JKA, at ‘The Budokwai’ London.

Sensei Kieran prides himself on being able to teach anyone karate and at any level. He has won medals on behalf of Ethos in national competitions.


Sensei Joseph Do – 3nd Dan JKA

Sensei Joe is an Engineer by profession and started Karate in 2006. He quickly progressed having trained in Jiu-jitsu from a young age. Sensei Joe also trains with Sensei Ohta.  His outstanding ability at Kata has led to medal wins in national competitions on behalf of Ethos.


What do I do next?

If you would like to attend for a free introductory lesson, please contact Sensei Kieran O'Brien on 07862 220995.







For further information please email [email protected]




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